I’m trying to think of ways to make living up here better.

I tried reorganizing my room around, it’s actually a nice set up right now. It sounds stupid but one of the things I really like about being up here is my room. It’s organized in a very home-y way and if it weren’t for having non-sound proof walls (lol) and the constant bickering outside these four walls, I’d love to spend all day in it. I don’t even mind the small space as much as I used to.

Ah, anyway, getting off topic..

I think I’ve spent a lot - and maybe even enough - time alone, enjoying my own company. I’m kind of tired of it. Before my best friend moved to San Francisco, I hadn’t done very much by myself. Now, I’d just like someone to enjoy all the things I enjoy doing alone with me.

But maybe it’s the the sense of routine. Maybe I just need different rituals instead of the movies every Friday or Target visits every Tuesday or the occasional Barnes & Noble visit after school when I don’t work.

Still, it’d be nice to call up someone and be like, “Hey, want to go pick up some Arizonas or something w/ me?”

"Yeah, I guess."

"Good, I’m already in your driveway."

Anonymous asked:

4 songs that could describe your music taste in a nutshell

ijustd0-i answered:

This is a good/tough question.

Toro Y Moi | Talamak - It was my first song that I listened waaaay back in high school that wasn’t rap, it was something different and I just fell in love with the sound and it was just an early sign for me that I could start broadening my musical horizons in terms of taste.

Kraak Smaak | Squeeze Me - I probably wouldn’t be as open to different kinds of music if it wasn’t for b-boy music. B-boying originates from jazz and funk and just old school Harlem Renaissance music and I remember when I first began sessioning with my friends and my Korean/Vietnamese friends would play something that wasn’t hip hop that you could still dance to.. I was like whaaat? I know, ass backwards, but yeah. B-boy music will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Beatles | Blackbird - Wow, I didn’t realize how much of my music taste spawned from my experiences from high school but here’s another lol. I was a choir boy for 5 years. Baritone. For my senior graduation ceremony, the seniors in my choir got together to sing this song. I mean, they do every year (they’ve since changed it up to jazz choir, including kids who aren’t seniors - which is stupid imo) but man… When we got together every morning/class/after school to practice this rendition.. I would always tear up. It was different from when I heard seniors in the past sing it before, and I will never hear it again the same way. Ever. It’s both sad and beautiful and I probably would give an arm to go back to just a minute of one of those practices.

John Mayer | Gravity - This song just randomly came on and idk. It seemed to fit perfectly. Coincidences, am I right? I’ve always lowkey been a fan of acoustic songs and I remember when I first heard this song, covered by some kid at a talent show who was just so soulful. I find a lot of music that way, actually. I run into a song I like playing or someone else playing it and I go, wow. This is nice. I only went to that event to take pictures of my friend singing. I almost didn’t even want to go. I had places to be, but I’m glad I did - ‘cause it, and experiences just like it, led me to little gems like this. It’s weird picturing my life without this song, and that sounds so weird to say about a song or music in general but I feel that shit in my soul, man. Sometimes, I cannot picture my life without certain songs, ‘cause it has become forever embedded in my spirit and will always have once defined me at some point in my life.

Thanks so much for asking me this. I didn’t think it would hit me so hard but I am tearing up just writing all this, haha.


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